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Sztutowo seaside town is located in north-eastern part of pomorskie province. Distinguished by the rich landscape and natural values ​​bioklimatycznymi, favorable for the development of spa tourism.

Municipal boundary largely paved nature itself. From the north Sztutowo is surrounded by the Baltic Sea, from the east there’re Vistula  Bay, south river Szkarpawa, and from the west the Vistula Królewiecka. The area municipalities was formed as a result of deposition by sea currents and the Vistula river sand and silt, creating the present shape of the Vistula  Bay and marsh-lands. The whole village is located on Sztutowo Landscape Park “Vistula Spit” and it’s buffer zone.

Sztutuowo Municipality is characterized by a high potential for tourism and recreation. For tourists visiting the municipality are offered various forms of relaxation and recreation in the water tourism, beach, riding. Holidaymakers here in addition to beaches, fresh air and relax in nature are guaranteed participation in many sports and entertainment events jn. Fisherman’s Day, nationwide name–day Peter and Paul, Sztutowskie Summer, royal picnic and much more.